The Luminosity Lab is a team of high achieving students from diverse backgrounds that were hand-picked by ASU academics and peers to solve complex problems with creative solutions. Each individual on the team is selected for their own personal merits and unique talents, but at its core, our team is comprised of outstanding problem solvers. The Luminosity Lab is a rare environment that utilizes the network and partnerships of the largest public university, expertise from academics and industry professionals, and the energy and creativity of talented students to solve the vast problems that exist in society.

Our Vision

To establish a new model of discovery and innovation for the 21st century driven by a lean, interdisciplinary group of exceptional scholars who fuse youthful spirit with intellectual prowess and business acumen, and who strategically leverage their position within an academic institution to take risks and produce radical innovations capable of impacting society.

Our Mission

To utilize strategic design, systems thinking, and rapid product realization to develop and deploy ideas, tools, and technologies that provide unconventional and effective solutions to complex challenges.