Luminosity Academy

The Luminosity Academy is a program run by the Luminosity Lab at ASU for students to learn applied skills in topics including web development, leadership, graphic design, and more. The class is driven by self-motivated students who want to learn new skills and challenge themselves. It is Agile-inspired and organized for rapid, iterative learning.

Students who are interviewed and accepted into the Academy will form teams with their classmates, come up with the problem(s) they want to solve, and work with each other over the semester to build out solutions. The teams pitch their projects at the end of the semester, and the winning team is hired into the Luminosity Lab to continue building their idea.

Challenge Statement

To be accepted, students should be eager to learn about one or more of the following areas:

  • Web Development
  • UI/UX Design
  • Machine Learning
  • Leadership in Tech

No prior knowledge is required, but it is highly recommended to make yourself familiar with the concepts before the sessions begin. The class is extremely fast-paced, so it will assist you in building out your projects rapidly.


How should I prepare for the interview?

We are looking for candidates who have a deep interest in the technology and how it impacts humanity. You do not need to have prior experience with these technologies, but we are looking for tangible reasons for joining the course. We have a statistical method which chooses students based on their prior experience, so we have a mix of talents for teams.

What criteria do you use in interviews?

We screen candidates based on the following criteria:

  • Tangible Interest in the Course
  • Student/Group Fit
  • Willingness to Engage

Do I need to form a team before applying?

No - we do not allow teams to apply together. The teams will be dynamically formed within the first few weeks of class.

Are there grades for the course?

There are no grades and there is zero effect on your GPA. We are all here to learn, not punish the people who come in with less knowledge.

How many people can a team have once the projects begin?

A team can have between 3 and 6 members.

Who can participate?

Any Arizona State University student is welcome to participate. Whether you’re an undergraduate, or graduate-level student, you’re free to come.

Do I need anything for the course?

You’ll need a laptop with any OS - Mac is preferred, but absolutely not required.

How long does the course go?

The course is semester based, and will operate within the same time-frame as a "Session C" course.

Is there a cost?

The program will cost $200 to register for Spring 2020.

Can I drop the course?

It is possible to drop the course, however, there are no refunds after payment is made.

Who can register?

Any ASU student from any college/degree program. You should get excited about:

  • Web Development
  • UI/UX Design
  • Machine Learning
  • Leadership in Tech

All skill levels are welcome, from beginner to advanced. You each have something to bring to the table!

Are there any conduct guidelines?

Yes! Please review the ASU Student Code of Conduct. This is an event occurring on ASU’s campus, therefore we will abide by all ASU policies. This will be enforced throughout the course. Do not bring any weapons, knives, firearms, drugs or alcohol to any sessions. Please utilize this opportunity to create a new idea or project. We expect all participants to be courteous and respectful of each other and their ideas.


The course location still is yet to be determined.