Next-Gen Flight Debrief

A 3D augmented reality system that could revolutionize the way U.S. Air Force pilots train for combat

Airforce: Next-Gen Flight Debrief


Luminosity collaborated with airmen from Luke Air Force Base, to develop an innovative 3D augmented reality system. This system is designed to redefine the U.S Air Force's post-flight debrief process by leveraging state-of-the-art augmented reality technology.

Named "Next-Gen Debrief", the system was co-developed by Maj. Kevin Hawkins, 56th Operations Support Squadron wing intelligence chief, and 1st Lt. Adam Treece, 56th OSS intelligence readiness chief. This novel approach employs Microsoft's HoloLens 2 smart glasses to create 3D interactive animations from flight data. The system can replay flight missions in an immersive 3D format, providing a real-world perspective to pilots.

Next-Gen Debrief aims to offer a more intuitive and immersive experience as opposed to traditional post-flight debriefs. The latter typically involve pilots manually inputting flight data from aircraft sensors into a software system called Air Combat Maneuver Instrumentation (ACMI). This process presents data as a running data set, displayed on different screens, providing a top-down view of the flight path and aircraft's location at various points in time. Additional debrief materials are then discussed with the aid of whiteboards, maps, and model planes.

This effort became a top-five finalist among over 300 entries in an annual Spark Tank Air Force innovation challenge in 2021.



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