Revolutionizing Data Intelligence

GraphFlow: Spinout Company


Luminosity developed IP for an AI-powered data management and analysis tool that revolutionizes the way companies can leverage the power of their data. Using advanced graph database techniques, combined with Large Language Models, the technology enables companies to analyze, visualize, and predict outcomes by simply asking business questions.

This effort led to a filed provisional patent: US Provisional Patent Application No. 63/461,860, entitled "SYSTEMS, METHODS, AND APPARATUSES FOR IMPLEMENTING GRAPH-BASED NATURAL LANGUAGE PROCESSING (NLP) FOR QUERYING, ANALYZING, AND VISUALIZING COMPLEX DATA STRUCTURES," filed April 25, 2023, and source code that is currently being licensed by SkySong Innovations to a business for commercialization. The company providing the SaaS solution is called GraphFlow LLC and is operated by Dr. Mark Naufel.



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