Illuminate Innovation Challenge

Luminosity's First High School Competition

Competition Overview

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Illuminate is a high school innovation competition built to provide high school students with the opportunity to start solving the world’s problems and getting involved in their passions.


Here are a few questions to spark inspiration around the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) #2: Zero Hunger.

Research one of these questions, or one of your own, and design a product, system, or service that will contribute to reducing hunger in your community or around the world.

How can food be better distributed in your community? Who is in need of food who doesn’t have it? In what ways can food waste be decreased?

Eligibility Requirements

  • Teams of four students or less

  • Every member is a current high school student (will not have graduated before May 2023) at an Arizona high school

  • Teacher or administrator associated with each team to supervise


Submit a proposal by February 15, 2023, to be considered for the opportunity to pitch your idea at the Luminosity Lab’s Expo in March!



Prizes for the compeition's winners will be announced soon.


Clara Hall

Clara Hall

Meet Clara Hall, a highly experienced and accomplished member of The Luminosity Lab team. Clara holds an industrial design degree and is currently studying to obtain a master's degree in applied leadership and management. She has worked extensively with The Luminosity Lab during her undergraduate studies and has a unique perspective and expertise in design thinking and innovation. After graduating, Clara was hired by the Luminosity Lab to start a consortium at Lane University in Jacksonville, Tennessee. Now, she is back in Tempe leading the Luminosity Lab's Vanderpoleg Scholars Program, where she shares her knowledge and experience with the next generation of young innovators. With her advanced education and experience, Clara is well-equipped to guide and mentor students, as well as managing corporate relationships. Her knowledge and skills, combined with her passion for leadership and management, make her a valuable member of the team and an expert in her field.

Tyler Smith

Tyler Smith

Meet Tyler Smith, a highly qualified and accomplished member of The Luminosity Lab team. Tyler is a graduate of Arizona State University with a bachelor's and master's in mechanical engineering. He has extensive experience working as an engineer in product design and testing, creating multiphysics engineering simulations. After graduating, Tyler worked for an engineering services company during the day and volunteered in the evenings with the Luminosity Lab. His dedication and passion for engineering led him to be hired by the Luminosity Lab, where he has spent the last six years guiding and challenging students to be their very best and managing corporate relationships to find the best projects to take on. He is now the director of engineering for the Luminosity Lab and is nearing completion of his PhD in mechanical engineering. With his extensive education and experience, Tyler is well-equipped to evaluate and mentor the next generation of young engineers and oversee the engineering projects at the Luminosity Lab.

Brinlee Kidd

Brinlee Kidd

Meet Brinlee Kidd, our university student judge for Illuminate. Brinlee is a proud Arizona native and sophomore undergraduate at Barrett, the Honors College at Arizona State University, where she is pursuing a degree in informatics and a minor in technology entrepreneurship. Brinlee has a strong background in leadership, having held statewide positions such as serving as an Arizona DECA State Officer and Governor's Youth Office Commissioner before being accepted to ASU as a Flinn Scholar.

As a student at ASU, Brinlee joined the Luminosity Lab as a researcher and began a fellowship with the Edson Entrepreneurship and Innovation Institute. She also worked as a data analytics intern for the Helios Decision Center for Education Excellence. In December 2020, Brinlee founded Jotted, an EdTech startup on a mission to democratize high-quality education. Jotted went on to be named both the U.S. and Global Champion of the Red Bull Basement Student Innovation Challenge, in which she competed alongside fellow Luminosity researcher Sylvia Lopez.

Currently, Brinlee works as the CEO of Jotted, as well as the student lead for the Luminosity Lab’s Rodel Futures Simulator project. In August, she began an entrepreneurial internship with World Wide Generation, a sustainability-focused FinTech company based in London. Through all her efforts, Brinlee is determined to pursue her mission to end the digital divide and close opportunity gaps in the modern public education system. With her passion and experience, she is well-equipped to evaluate and mentor the next generation of young entrepreneurs.

Isaac Jensen

Isaac Jensen

Meet Isaac Jensen, a dedicated member of the New Roots Phoenix team and our community expert judge for Illuminate. Isaac has a background in sustainable agriculture and community development, and is passionate about working with local communities to promote food security and sustainable living. As a member of New Roots Phoenix, Isaac has been involved in a variety of programs and initiatives aimed at promoting sustainable agriculture and food access in the Phoenix area. He is excited to share his knowledge and experience with the next generation of young innovators through the high school competition Illuminate and committed to working with local communities to create a more just and equitable food system. With his passion and dedication, Isaac is well-equipped to help guide and mentor students in the competition and inspire them to create a more sustainable future.

Ken Van De Graaff

Ken Van De Graaff

Meet Ken Van De Graaff, vice president of Rabo AgriFinance and our industry expert judge for Illuminate. Ken has a background in agriculture and finance, and is passionate about working with young students to promote sustainable agriculture and economic growth. With his extensive experience and knowledge, he is well-equipped to evaluate and mentor the next generation of young innovators in the field of agriculture and rural development. At Rabo AgriFinance, Ken works with farmers and rural communities to provide them with the financial and technical assistance they need to succeed. He also works with government agencies, nonprofits, and other organizations to promote sustainable agricultural practices and rural development. Ken’s knowledge and skills, combined with his passion for agriculture and finance, make him a valuable judge for high school competitions, and his expertise will help guide and inspire the next generation of leaders in this field.

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