ASU students’ lunar exploration system is a finalist in NASA competition

Luminosity Lab team designed a launcher and probe that could help shed light on the moon’s mysterious regions


Think Tank Drives Practical Innovation and Collaboration

ASU’s Luminosity Lab, a think tank, is expanding its efforts to create and implement real-world solutions for local health care, education, and energy challenges.


Find your team, go out and pursue the world's next big idea

Luminosity director talks about dreaming big and changing society


ASU students earn top 5 spot in international mask competition, could win $1 million prize

A team within Arizona State University's Luminosity Lab is a top five finalist for the XPRIZE Next-Gen Mask Challenge that could win it $1 million.


Flinn Scholars pursue global solutions at ASU’s Luminosity Lab

Flinn Scholars are playing lead roles in the Luminosity Lab at Arizona State University by designing, building, and deploying novel solutions to address some of the world’s most pressing challenges.


ASU Students Make Top 10 In Worldwide Mask Design Challenge

A team of students at Arizona State University has made it to the top 10 in a worldwide mask design competition. The goal is to build a better face mask to prevent the spread of COVID-19 by making it comfortable, functional and affordable.


ASU, Lane College create blueprint for student-led collaboration

Students in the ASU Luminosity Lab partner with historically Black college to transform unused land into a thriving hub for innovation


ASU supplies health care providers with protective gear

ASU's Luminosity Lab has responded to the coronavirus crisis by ramping up a massive initiative to design, produce and distribute critically needed personal protective equipment and other medical supplies.


ASU Practice Labs creating talent pipeline for modern industry

Each Practice Lab is created to solve the specialized need of a corporate sponsor. When a company or government agency becomes a sponsor, Practice Labs coordinates with ASU’s Luminosity Lab to find the best students for the test lab.


ASU student-run lab creates low-cost sterilization systems to fight COVID-19

A student-led team at ASU's Luminosity Lab has created two sterilization systems to help sterilize N95s and much more. Using hydrogen peroxide for one system and ozone for the other, the students were able to design two machines at a much lower cost and smaller scale than machines used to sterilize the materials in large scale hospitals.


ASU Students Create Network Of 3D Printers To Meet Demand For Protective Equipment

Students at Arizona State University have created a network of three hundred 3D printers, to meet ongoing demands for personal protective equipment or PPE. The project’s organizers say since the pandemic began they’ve filled more than fifteen thousand orders for gowns, masks, and other equipment needed by healthcare workers. KNAU’s Melissa Sevigny spoke about the project with Mark Naufel, the director of ASU’s Luminosity Lab, which brings students together from different departments to solve real-world problems.


Luke AFB enters Spark Tank 2021 with ‘Next-Gen Debrief’

Luke Airmen working with an Arizona State University student have developed a 3D augmented reality system that will revolutionize the way pilots conduct mission debriefs and will represent the Air Education and Training Command at Spark Tank 2021.


Gov. Doug Ducey appoints ASU student to ABOR

Nikhil Dave will spend his first year learning procedure and reaching out to students at all three public universities. Dave is involved in ASU's Luminosity Lab, a research and development initiative of selected students.


ASU, USAID ignite global supply chain education

Students at ASU's Luminosity Lab created a series of educational games to teach three main supply chain management skills to healthcare workers in Ghana: ordering, determining demand and managing stock.


Phoenix Children’s Hospital and ASU students partner to create an app that replaces outdated medical history forms

Phoenix Children’s Hospital — one of the largest pediatric health care systems in the U.S. — partnered with Arizona State University to form a Practice Lab. Practice Labs bring together interdisciplinary teams of students to help companies creatively solve pressing issues.


Dash and ASU elevate blockchain research, offering graduate course and scholarships

Arizona State University and Dash, a top digital currency for payments, have announced a partnership designed to accelerate research, development and education in ways that advance blockchain transaction speed, efficiency and security and expand its uses.