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Our Vision

To be a leading global force in interdisciplinary innovation, powered by an exceptional community of thinkers and doers who blend youthful creativity with advanced expertise. With our roots within academia, we boldly expand our impact, venturing into society and industry, fearlessly tackling complex challenges and creating transformative solutions.

Our History

The Luminosity Lab was founded in 2017 at the request of Arizona State University President, Dr. Michael Crow, and Dr. Sethuraman Panchanathan, then ASU's Executive Vice President of Research and currently the Director of the National Science Foundation. They envisioned an interdisciplinary 'skunkworks' lab, powered by student-led innovation, embodying a new paradigm of college-based R&D dedicated to producing cutting-edge solutions for some of the world's most intricate challenges.

Dr. Mark Naufel was entrusted with founding this initiative and under his guidance, what began as a small assembly of 15 students quickly flourished into a dynamic community of over 100 contributors, spanning numerous academic backgrounds. Engaged in tackling large-scale projects across sectors like healthcare, education, energy, and sustainability, the lab’s growth has allowed for expansion, including Luminosity branches operating throughout Arizona, and in Boston, Tennessee, and Ghana. Today, Luminosity maintains an internal portfolio of projects while also conducting corporate-sponsored R&D for some of the world’s leading global corporations. Over the years, Luminosity's student teams have exhibited their prowess in generating global-level innovations, claiming 1st place honors in the XPRIZE in 2020 and Red Bull’s Global Innovation Challenge in 2022.




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What We Do

research & knowledge creation

We combine a methodological research approach with our multidisciplinary background to drive our knowledge creation.

design & rapid prototyping

We specialize in concept drawings which complement full-fledged design models and inform our prototyping process.

Ideation & Concept Development

Our lab works with the latest ideation-frameworks to initiate our iterative concept development process.

Mobile & Web Development

Our team focuses on a user-centric design model for architecting mobile and web based platforms to advance our research pursuits.

visualization & data science

Our data analytics team utilizes a suite of analytical and graphic-based tool kits to restructure problems with a unique perspective.

Robotics & Hardware Development

We draw from best-in-class robotics and hardware specialists to create cutting-edge technology.

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  • Ideate & Analyze
  • Design & Prototype
  • Validate & Verify
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